Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fireworks for Fall

With some lower temperatures FINALLY arriving to our area I'm thinking about the fall garden. My beautiful summer plants are still doing pretty well, although showing signs of brown leaves and smaller blooms. The petunias should last until the first frost (at the rate we're going that's probably December 1st!) but the others will bow out sooner.

With that in mind I thought I would begin replacing the verbena, etc with hardy mums - "Fall's Fireworks" of many colors. Better yet, they're on sale these days - Whole Foods is selling them for something around $2.50 per pot! Pretty and cheap!

As for the herbs - I will move them inside for the winter and also dry some of them. The oregano is abundant as well as the sage and basil. The rosemary will do well in the kitchen window sill. The mint continues to rage out of control and is threatening to take over my neighbor's satellite dish - wonder what that will do for her reception? Perhaps she'll get the Food Network...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Speaking of Accessories

My previous post on accessorizing the garden got me thinking about garden-themed accessories. I have a number of handbags with floral designs - the cat LOVES the red flower beaded bag from Cambodia - as well as jewelry, scarves, and the like. Maybe I chose these accessories because of a previously latent green thumb.

Recently, I received a WONDERFUL gift from my sister (and sometime fellow gardener) - a handbag in the shape of a watering can! Oh the joy!

These garden accessories will bloom all year round :)