Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flora and Fauna

Going through past blogs, I noticed that I have a strong connection between my pets and my plants. Nearly every entry makes mention of a cat, cat, and cat.

I also had a wonderful dog who is now resting in peace at my mother's house. I thought Mom would be a good caretaker - she has planted lots of flowers on my dog's plot and likes to send me pictures of the blooms.

I love all of my children - flora and fauna.

Big Boy.....

Once the tulips bit the dust (it was all very tragic) I tossed them and moved the tomatoes in. So many varieties to choose from but I finally settled on Big Boy, "one of the greatest tomatoes of all time".

Honestly, I chose it for the name.... since I hope they grow to the size of this "Big Boy". 20 lb. tomatoes! Woo hoo!

To liven things up a bit I also put a basil plant in the same pot. Should make for some tasty eating this summer!