Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flora and Fauna

Going through past blogs, I noticed that I have a strong connection between my pets and my plants. Nearly every entry makes mention of a cat, cat, and cat.

I also had a wonderful dog who is now resting in peace at my mother's house. I thought Mom would be a good caretaker - she has planted lots of flowers on my dog's plot and likes to send me pictures of the blooms.

I love all of my children - flora and fauna.

Big Boy.....

Once the tulips bit the dust (it was all very tragic) I tossed them and moved the tomatoes in. So many varieties to choose from but I finally settled on Big Boy, "one of the greatest tomatoes of all time".

Honestly, I chose it for the name.... since I hope they grow to the size of this "Big Boy". 20 lb. tomatoes! Woo hoo!

To liven things up a bit I also put a basil plant in the same pot. Should make for some tasty eating this summer!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Has Sprung!

Yeah! It's here! Although a few weeks after the "official" first day of spring, the true warmer days have arrived.

Those bulbs I planted back in October have burst forth with floppy green leaves and now we have an actual tulip! Patience has paid off. Now if we could only get the other ones to bloom...

Luckily there are flowers to tide me over until the heart of the summer - the pansies I planted a few weeks ago are flourishing. They look great and are keeping me busy until the summer planting begins in May. So cheerful and very resilient.

I am thinking hard about what to put in my new self-watering hanging basket and self-watering flower boxes that I just ordered. Lots of overflowing bright colors will work great.

Next project - tomatoes!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It'll Be Awhile...

It's early February and according to Punxatawney Phil we've got six more weeks of winter. We haven't really had winter but who knows - it's been known to snow in April.

Many of the herbs moved inside without much trouble. We are lucky to be eating fresh basil but alas, the rosemary didn't make it.

The shamrocks are still going strong and the geranium is doing quite well too.

Even with all this greenery inside I still long for spring...