Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's an honor just to have been nominated...

I found out today that I got nominated for an award at work.

It's for mentoring -

This award is intended to inspire a spirit of mentorship in the Bureau for XXXXX XXXXX, and to encourage XXXX staff to prioritize mentorship in their everyday work environment. Instituted in 2005, the award recognizes one seasoned professional who provides guidance, advice, and the voice of experience to a protégé(s), by sharing his/her experience of working effectively at XXXXX or in his/her technical field.

I'm one of 6 nominees among a lot of eligible people - maybe 200? And the collection of fellow nominees is really quite a lovely group. I was so excited. Award ceremony is next week - alas, I'll be in Ghana.

Now if they only had awards for shoes...


soccer mom in denial said...

Awesome!! Congratulations. But then mentoring others is second nature for you. Glad the agency recognizes it.